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Hit a plateau in your weight loss journey?   Menopause?  Stress?  Many of us express the desire to lose weight, tone up and just want to overall feel good in our own skin.  If you are struggling to reach your goals adding Body Cavitation and Laser Lipo to your routine could give you the kick start you’ve been searching for.

Ultrasound Cavitation and Laser Lipo is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic energy to target fat cells while combining laser energy to penetrate the fat cell membranes. This will help the fat cells release fatty acids, glycerol, and water into your body allowing fat cells to shrink, resulting in loss of inches. The body then flushes out the fat stores through the lymphatic system or through energy burned doing daily activities.

How do I know if Ultrasound Cavitation and Laser Lipo will work for me?

While this treatment isn’t generally used for extensive weight-loss it is perfect for fat loss in those stubborn areas. This treatment is focused on reducing fat cells and fat stores to reduce inches off of the desired area.

The pool of ideal candidates for this treatment little bit smaller than for traditional lipo because the procedure isn't perfect for extensive weight loss, it is perfect for fat loss in those stubborn areas as it is focused on reducing fat cells and fat stores to reduce inches off the desired area. 

It might be right for you if you're:

  • Only about 25 pounds over your ideal weight

  • More concerned with "problem areas" than total-body weight loss

  • In good health with good skin elasticity


How long does an Ultrasound Cavitation and Laser Lipo session take?

Your appointment will generally last for 45 minutes. The Body Cavitation will take place using different handpicks to vibrate, stimulate, and suction the fat cells.  This is followed by Columbian Wood Therapy – using purposely shaped wood pieces to sculpt the body in desired areas.  These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied, and that pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally.  The last step is placement of Laser Lipo pads to emit laser energy that further targets fat cells.

How often should I get this treatment done?

Though some clients begin to notice results after only a few sessions, most require 6–8 treatments to see maximum results.

Two treatments per week for four weeks are recommended.

Is there any downtime?

Not at all. This is a non-invasive treatment and unlike surgery, you can immediately go on with your day as normal after your appointment.

What areas can Ultrasound Cavitation and Laser Lipo treat?

All parts of the body that store fat can be treated.

The most common treatment areas include:

  • Abdomen

  • Waistline

  • Thighs

  • Arms

  • Under the chin


How long will my results last?

This treatment focuses on emptying the fat cells, and not destroying them, which means the cells shrink in size. To maximize the impact of the treatment, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain results and prevent the cells from rebuilding.


Is there anything I should do before my appointment?

Yes! It is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water the night before the treatment and lots of water the morning of, and to eat a small healthy meal. After the treatment, you should exercise and continue drinking lots of water so that the fat cells can empty out of your body. 


We believe that body contouring should be as comfortable and as minimally invasive as possible. Ultrasonic Cavitation and Laser Lipo are an excellent alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction. They are also safer, with less risk and side effects, than procedures such as CoolSculpting. With patience and commitment, as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle, this treatment has proven to deliver lasting results.



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