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frequently asked questions

How many spaces are available for the Bungee Workout™ and Bungee Fit Express Class?

There are 7 spots available for bungee classes, so grab some friends and let's fly!

Is there an age requirement?

The minimum age for the Bungee Workout™ is 18.   However, 15-17 year-olds can participate if accompanied by an adult.  There is no maximum age :) 

Is there a weight restriction or other restrictions?

The weight limit for the Bungee class is 225 lbs.   We have a variety of sizes of harnesses with the max measurements of the waist of 43”  and leg loop of 38".    We do not recommend bungee if you have had surgery in the past six months and/or are pregnant.   As with any exercise program, if you have chronic pain or a medical condition please consult your physician prior to registering for a bungee class.  If you do not meet these requirements check out the other classes we have to offer!  

What should I wear?

We highly recommend wearing two pairs of shorts or leggings until you get used to the harness.  The harness is padded for comfort, however, during the activities you may experience some pressure/pinching where the harness touches your body because your bodyweight is being pushed and pulled against your body.   We always make adjustments to keep you comfortable :)

How long before a class do I have to sign up?

Registration for all classes closes 12 hours prior to the class start time.   Forget to sign up for your favorite class?  No problem, just contact Swoop and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What are your hours?

Swoop is open by appointment only.   All participants should register online for a class and receive confirmation of their reservation. No drop-ins. If you want to come in and observe a class you are welcome to do that!   Just give us a call and we will let you know what the class schedule is.

Why can't I sign up for the Bungee Fit Express?

Participation in at least 2 Bungee Workout™ classes is required to register for Bungee Fit Express.   We want you to feel comfortable in the bungee and have had plenty of practice running, diving and jumping, it is easier to follow along in the express class if you are familiar with the movements.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your class we require 24 hours notice.   We understand that life is busy and sometimes your day doesn't go as planned, so please contact the studio if you need to cancel or reschedule and we will do our best to accommodate you!

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