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Why Bungee?

Walking or running on the treadmill or using the elliptical are a great cardio burn … but can tend to become boring overtime. Do you ever spend more time trying to convince yourself to work out and stay motivated - than actually working out?! A bungee workout is a perfect alternative to the sometimes-monotonous world of cardio fitness. It is a great way to add fun back into fitness while torching calories and toning muscle.

Benefits of Bungee Workout

· Unique Way Of Staying Active

Bungee Fitness is definitely one of the most unique workouts around. The goal is to pair fast-paced and explosive movements with lunges, squats, and other resistant exercises. Incorporating weight training into the workout will increase strength and toning. Bungee fitness provides a 2 in 1 workout … both muscle building and fat burning at the same time! A great workout that is accessible to all age groups and fitness levels to get you moving.

· Improve Mobility

Bungee Fitness is a great way to enhance your mobility. With the assistance of the bungee cord absorbing most of the impact on your joints, you can carry out movements that require more flexibility that you never thought possible while improving your balance and coordination.

· Low Impact Workout

The assisted movement from the bungee cord allows for slower and softer landings - protecting your knees, hips, ankles, and other joints. It is a great option for those who are nursing injuries or recovering from them. Those who have had knee replacements or knee issues will discover a whole new workout they never imagined possible. It is a cardiovascular workout minus the impact, so it is much gentler on the body's joints.

· Assistance & Resistance

A bungee workout provides assistance with movement, allowing you to leap into the air like you never thought possible. A dreaded burpee or push up … no longer seem impossible or as difficult. The bungee cord gives just enough resistance to keep your muscles working, along with an element of fun that keeps you interested and engaged.

  • Great Core Workout

Do you dread crunches, sit-ups and all floor based ab exercises?! I know I do! The great thing about the bungee workout is that you are consistently working your core with every movement …but it doesn’t “feel” like you are. Before you know it, you feel your ab strength improve and that six pack you thought was gone forever will start to appear 😊. Increasing your core strength also helps with back issues as well!

· Adding FUN Back Into Fitness!

Being one of the most unique workouts, Bungee Fitness is a huge amount of fun. Every class is different and unique …so you never get bored. As you experience the freedom of flying high, a bungee workout can combine the movements of pilates, yoga and the good old fashioned Richard Simmons workout we once all enjoyed! A perfect way to take some much needed time for yourself and destress from all of life’s worries.

  • Fat burning

A bungee fitness class is about 70% cardiovascular exercise. You will burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. The bungee G-force will also increase your blood and lymphatic flow … a key factor to overall health and healing.

A bungee workout has a ton of benefits that will help enhance your coordination, improve your strength and stamina, and boost your confidence!

Come fly with us at Swoop and experience all the Bungee workout has to offer … where fun and fitness meet !


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