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Jessica's fitness journey...

Hello ladies!

Let me introduce myself, I am Jessica! I have hit the 40’s already. I am a wife & momma to 4 beautiful children that range from 11 - 23 yrs old. So as you can see life hasn’t been slow. They definitely keep us busy! Throughout my life I was not one to exercise. I didn’t like it and in my mind I didn’t have the time.

I have lower back issues & painful fibroids. Those were my excuses. As I crept up in my late 30’s I had a partial hysterectomy due to the fibroids. They caused a lot of pain & a lot of blood loss where I needed to start having blood transfusions & since I was not planning on having anymore children it was time. And 2 months after that I had back surgery. It was hard for me to stand, walk, sit, & lay for 8 months straight. We tried every method possible before surgery. They had removed my L5, L4, & more then half of my L3. Mind you I need a second surgery as the 1st one was to ease the pain so I could walk. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I do have nerve damage on my left side from my hip down to my toes. So as you read I had excuses, some painful situations, and I just plain out hated working out. It just wasn’t my thing.

Well, one day a Facebook add popped up in my feed. It caught my eye. I watched the video probably 5x. And thought to myself hey this looks like fun and maybe a little easier on my back. Let me ask around and see if any of my friends would like to try it with me. Mind you, this was the first time something actually caught my eye. So a friend and I signed up for 3 bungee basic classes and thought let’s give it a whirl. When we 1st got there Jerelynn the owner of Swoop was fabulous. She was very detailed on the instructions. And did not JUDGE or give a snark attitude if we didn’t get something right. She was very patient with us. And most importantly she made us feel comfortable. But in my mind I thought "What did I get myself into?" The bungee cords and harnesses looked a little intimidating and I felt awkward at first. By the time my 3rd instruction class was done. Jerelynn asked how we felt about it, if this is something I would be interested in continuing, & mentioned other non bungee classes she offers. I told her I don’t like exercising it’s just not my thing. But I will think about it.

When I left Swoop I was driving and was thinking "I can do this!" It was fun, Jerelynn was great, & I could use a change. The first thing I did when I got home was join for a month. I wanted to try it out more to see if it was something I could keep up with and most importantly like doing it. Well it’s been almost 2 years ago since I joined and I'm still going strong. I couldn’t thank Jerelynn enough for the encouragement she has given me. Not to mention the friendships I have made with her & the other members at Swoop. It’s not your typical stereotype gym. She offers small classes of Bungee, Barre, Full Body Circuit, & Tabata. We are all different in ages & sizes. Best part is you are getting a workout but there are a lot of laughs during our workouts. I couldn’t be happier anywhere else. Hope to see all you ladies who thought just like I did. I guarantee you will enjoy it as much as I do. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try!


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