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I don't love working out :/

I’m your trainer and I DON’T LOVE WORKING OUT – but I know if I didn’t, I wouldn’t feel this great on a day-to-day basis. I also love pizza, bread, cookies (I really love cookies) beer and wine!! I don’t believe in fad diets or magic pills, I believe everything in moderation, you have to put in the work to get results, I believe having a great support system is the key to success, I believe that overall balance will not only help you achieve your goals but exceed them. I’m proof it works…

Let’s get real here…I’ve heard and personally used all the excuses in the book about not having the time to work out. You make time to get your hair done, nails done, massage, etc. why not schedule your work out just like you would any other “maintenance” appointment? I am speaking from personal experience, as your trainer, I went through this when my kids were younger. I didn’t feel like I deserved to take the time to do something for myself, that would make me feel better and quite honestly I was exhausted all the time. I felt guilty not spending time with my kids after working all day and thought that taking another hour for a workout would be a disservice to them. It took me quite a while to realize that by not taking care of myself was the disservice to them, because once I took the time to exercise, I had MORE energy to tackle that pile of laundry, make dinner, play with my kids, etc. AND I slept better!

Quick story on my background. I was a Legal Assistant for 18 years prior to making a career change to personal trainer/group fitness instructor. I had gymtimidation big time, no way no how did I want to go to the gym, so I did my workouts at home. Well, all the “guaranteed” 6 pack abs gimmicks I purchased weren’t working So I signed up at the local Y and went in for my first fitness evaluation with a trainer. When I walked in, she looked me up and down and said “Why are you here? You don’t look like you need to lose weight?” I was immediately on the defense and felt like I was wasting her time. I just wanted to tone up and learn how to use the machines. Long story short, she completely made me feel like I was a waste of her time, ran me through the cliff notes of using the machines and rushed me out of there as quick as she could. I left annoyed and even more intimidated than when I got there. I went back the next day to jump into my new workout routine, a bit nervous but ready to conquer my fears. The second weight machine I went on, I didn’t adjust right, and the weights slammed down with a big BOOM and I was mortified. I was so embarrassed I left and never returned – but didn’t cancel my membership, “just in case” I had the nerve to go back someday. I am sure there are plenty of you out there that can relate and are paying for a gym membership you don’t use :/

This single experience at the Y stuck with me for years, and when my legal career was coming to an end and I needed to decide what my next step in life was going to be that single moment when I stepped into that trainers office came back to me and I decided that I never wanted anyone to feel the way I did that day. I wanted to be the person that made others feel comfortable in what can be an intimidating atmosphere. I found an 18-month personal training program, signed up right away, finished my Associate program and here I am now with 8 years of personal training and group fitness under my belt and the only studio in the State of Wisconsin to offer this amazing Bungee Workout!

If you want to lose weight, gain strength and/or endurance, tone up, or just need a good therapy session at a fraction of the cost of a therapist – it’s time for you to come to Swoop.

Here is what you can expect:

· No judgment zone, it’s about giving you the support you need regardless of your goals.

· Fresh workouts, I’m are always changing it up or making it up on the fly - no matter what class you take, Barre, Bungee, Tabata, Total Body Circuit you get a new workout every time. (Pilates based workouts are coming soon!).

· A group of incredible women who will motivate you, groan with you, laugh with you and make you feel welcome

· Therapy sessions are free with the workout, (ooohhh the things we talk about during class, you would be amazed).

I will give you all the tools you need to achieve success in whatever your health goal is. Class size never exceeds 10 people so you get that individual attention and will know the person working out next to you by name.

If you are still reading this (THANK YOU) then I am assuming you can relate to my story. Give me a call (262) 682-4045 or shoot me an email and lets get you on a program that works for you!!

Hope to see you soon at Swoop!



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