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Client of the Month - March

I am so excited to announce Swoop’s March Client of the month Karen K.! Karen puts 100% into every class she attends, she's increased her core strength, muscle and bone mass and has decreased her body fat percentage! Here is what Karen has to say about her experience at Swoop!

How did you first hear about Swoop?

Melissa, the mother of the 2 Beautiful girls I sit for!!

Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it?

It is hard to choose. I enjoy all the exercises! They all give me different results. Barre to stretch, Bungee for cardio, Full Body Circuit and Tabata to build the muscles! All around fitness! But if I had to Really choose... I am starting to really like Bungee!

What achievements are you most proud of?

The achievements I am proud of would be that I have gained my muscle back. Still working on my core but I will get there too. I am toning back up and getting back into exercising. That is important to me!

(I did mention at one of the exercise classes, that I could not put pressure on my hands/wrists when doing a reverse plank. I now can do that plus other exercises that were a challenge.)

What do you like most about Swoop?

I like Everything that Swoop has to offer! The challenge of the exercises that are helping to keep myself healthy and fit. The All, (so Many), Awesome people I meet, that are there to improve their health as well! For the Great Support that you get from everyone. So again....I like Swoop for Everything!!

What advice would you give to someone on the fence about joining Swoop?

I would first have to ask, “Have you ever sat and Wondered if you could make a difference for yourself? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to meet other people that are trying to do the same for their selves?”

The Advice....Than you should try Exercising! There is A lot of support at Swoop! The owner and instructors are there to help give you the confidence that you need. To Make that (Wonder) come true! Does not hurt to try! It’s better than sitting and wondering....

What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

My Goal is always the same.....Exercise to be Healthy!! I get tired but I want/need to work on my health. So exercising it is.

Exercising is always a challenge. But My Core probably would be the Biggest challenge so that is what I am going to work on.

Thank you Karen for being a part of the Swoop community! Your energy and spunk is appreciated in every class! Keep up the great work 😊


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