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August Client of the Month

Here she is….63 years young with a metabolic age of 43!!! Meet MaryEllen, Swoop’s client of the month! MaryEllen started Swoopin in March with her niece Amy (last month’s client of the month) and has been powering through ever since! In addition to Swoopin MaryEllen bikes and does video workouts at home and is a caregiver to toddlers…this girl never stops moving 😊 I am so happy to have her as part of the Swoop community! Here is what MaryEllen has to say about her experience at Swoop!

How did you first hear about Swoop?

I first heard about swoop on TV when they came to your studio.

Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it?

I like the core exercises in the full body circuit class, and now the TRX moves there's a lot of variety never bored also now that I "kinda" mastered the scorpion move in bungee class I really like that one and star, it's fun flying in the air!


What achievements are you most proud of?

The achievement that I'm most proud of is that I've been exercising all my life (probably 40 years) and still sticking with it, I love exercising (yes people think I'm crazy) but I want to stay flexible and have good balance, besides losing a couple pounds and inches.

What do you like most about Swoop?

What I like most about Swoop is everyone is so friendly, we encourage each other, there is no judgement what so ever, no intimidation. Jerelynn is "AWESOME", if you can't do a move she will help you or modify it for you, she really takes the time out to help you, makes you feel really comfortable, she's fun, makes you want to work out and she laughs a lot even when we're picking on her, she's a good sport.

What advice would you give to someone on the fence about joining Swoop?

I would tell people just come and try any of the classes, you got nothing to lose but weight and inches. Try the bungee class it's so much fun and different I really look forward to that class, never thought at my age I would be running and flying in the air it's an awesome feeling you won't be sorry and you'll meet a lot of nice people.

What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

My challenges and goals are to just keep on exercising and eating healthy.

Thank you MaryEllen for being a part of the Swoop community! It is always so much fun having you in class!


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