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35 days...

What if I told you that for $5.00 a day you could…

- Accomplish your goals

- Be a part of a great community

- Lose weight, increase your strength and endurance

- Decrease your metabolic age by 10 or more years

Would you accept the challenge?

All of your goals are within reach, you just need to give me 35 days, make the commitment to yourself and take the first step!

Believe it or not, shorts, tank tops and cute summer dress season is just around the corner. Whether you have some winter weight you are still carrying around, haven’t been involved in a fitness routine for years or just want to have more energy and get some “me” time in, this is the program for you!

I am accepting 35 new clients for this 35 day program. The program starts on April 15th and for 35 days you will have unlimited access to all the classes at Swoop and I encourage you to try all of them! Changing up your workouts not only increases your metabolism it gives you the opportunity to work even the smallest muscles in your body that you didn’t even know existed.

Included with this program is nutrition guidance, weigh ins that will provide you with your body fat percentage, hydration, bone mass, metabolic age and more! Earn rewards points for booking and attending classes, checking in on Facebook, referring friends, etc. your points can be used for discounts towards your membership and Swoop Swag! Most importantly, the motivation and guidance from our team and current members…and did I mention how much FUN we have at Swoop?! The participant who has the biggest decrease in body fat and metabolic age will receive a one month free unlimited membership at Swoop at the conclusion of the program! Click the link below to get started and come see for yourself 😊


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