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Try all things Swoop!

Losing the motivation to stick to your New Year's Resolution or just tired of your workout routine? Come try all things Swoop! Here is a great opportunity for you to come back if you haven't been here in a while or if you have been waiting to try us out - now is the time!

Grab this March special 4 for $49.00 to see all we have to offer at Swoop. This deal includes:

* 1 Bungee Workout or Bungee Fit Class (you must have attended at least 2 Bungee Workouts to sign up for the Fit Class)

* 1 Barre Class

* 1 Full Body Circuit Class

* 1 Bungee Core Class

* 1 FREE Tabata class at 4:30 on Fridays (must register for day)

All of these classes will have you burning calories for hours after the workout is over!

Click on the link below to purchase and schedule your classes :) *All 5 classes must be booked and used by 3/20/2020

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us


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