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Dump the Slump 6 Week Challenge

Lets be honest…this year has taken its toll on all of us :/ Between the unrest in the country with the protests/riots, the pandemic and the election, it is affected each and every one of us in some way, shape or form.

I for one, would like to re-wind to the summer of 2019 and re-write the script! I don’t know about you, but I have definitely put on some Covid pounds and am feverishly working to shed those, but to be honest there are days where I just plain don’t care and I am sure you can all relate to being in a slump :/

There is one thing we can do to get through the rest of 2020 and that is SUPPORT each other! That is why I am asking you to accept the Dump the Slump Challenge!! This 6 week challenge will get you through the holidays and 2 weeks into the new year, the goal is to keep you moving well into 2021!!

Many of you may be weary of going to the gym amidst the pandemic…at Swoop it has been, and will always be, a small group training studio. There is never more than 10 people per class which allows for social distancing. Your health is my main concern, and all of the equipment at Swoop is cleaned and sanitized after EVERY use. Get a great workout in a safe and clean environment.

If you are looking to keep your sanity this holiday season and want to lose some weight in the process this challenge is for you. Schedule YOU time because YOU deserve it!

Here is what the Challenge includes:

20 classes at Swoop - ANY class (breaks down to less than 10.00 per class)

Weekly at home challenges

A List of Fat Fighting Foods

Healthy Recipe Recommendations that include your fat fighting foods

Healthy Desert Recipes

Weekly emails

Access to Swoop's Members Only Page

Initial weigh in – 3 week weigh in – final weigh in

Support from your coach and the Swoop Community

Of course you will be rewarded for all of your hard work! You will receive points for attending classes, completing your at home challenges, sharing your meal plans on the members only page, shedding pounds and many more!


1st prize free one month membership to Swoop and a Swoop cooler pack

2nd prize 6 pack class package and a Swoop t-shirt

3rd prize bungee workout class for you and 6 of your friends you will all receive a Swoop mask

Let's get through the rest of 2020 together. Don't miss this opportunity!! In order to maintain small group training classes this challenge is only open to 25 participants. So don't wait, secure your spot today by clicking the link below!


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